My Favourite Things About Being A Mommy: I will always be needed

Whether he likes it or not, Hector will always need me.

From a young age, he will need me. From the bottom wipes, to the feeding, to the getting dressed.

As he grows he will need me. To walk him to school, to wash his clothes, and to help him with his homework.

When he leaves school, he will need me, to offer him advice on his life choices.

Whether he thinks he needs me or not, I will be there for him for his whole life. If he gets poorly, if he gets his heartbroken, if he looses his job, I will be there. Just as I will be there for him to celebrate his successes.

I love being a Mommy, I love having a purpose, and I love being needed. I will give him space to make his own decisions, but he will always know I am there for him, if he needed.

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