My Favourite Things About Being A Mommy: Unconditional Love

Although you hope they don’t, relationships between spouses can break down. Relationships between friends can break down, and possibly most sadly of all, relationships between parents and their children can also break down too.

I pray that Hector and I will never fall out (apart from the inevitable teenage tantrum) but I want him to know that my love for him will always be unconditional. There will never be any limitations to the love I have for him. I will love him no matter what. He will never have to do anything to earn my love. He will never have to be anything to earn my love. I will always love him exactly how he is. He will always be more than enough for me.

Being able to offer someone such a powerful emotion, unconditionally, is one of my favourite things about being a Mommy. What’s yours?

“Unconditional Love is not the case of being blinded by love but rather the resolution that nothing is more important than love.” – Talidari

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