Flexible Working: How do you balance work/family life?

It is so hard to strike the balance of work/motherhood. Like most women, I have to return to work to earn money, even though there doesn’t seem to be much point once you factor in childcare costs! I suppose the most important thing, I feel, is to return to work to set an example for Hector.

Not only does returning to work give you structure, it also builds confidence, routine, and builds upon the social element too. But I would much rather be staying at home with Hector. So how can we get the best of both worlds? I think flexible working is the way forward, but despite living in a constantly evolving modern world, with most work being accessible 24/7, the traditional working pattern hasn’t adapted to accompany the flexibility that technology has created.

So can flexible working allow you to work whilst with your children? Perhaps that is not what it is ‘designed’ for. Flexible working should allow you to catch up on your emails once the kids are in bed, flexible working should allow you to work until you have to pick them up from school on time, or work from home if your child is ill on the sofa. Whether is it compressed/staggered hours, or job sharing, flexible working is all about productivity. I know I would feel a lot better if I knew I had a flexible schedule to work around family life, which in turn, would fuel my productivity.

So yes, I shall be returning to work, and yes, I shall find a job that is flexible. But I need to remember that I am working to set an example, one that Hector will appreciate when he is older. I think guilt is something all moms feel, whether they work outside the home or not. But hopefully I wont give Hector reason for me to feel guilty, safe in the knowledge that I am supporting an adaptable working schedule for the next generation.

For more information on flexible working, follow Mother Pukka on her #flexappeal campaign!

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