Spring: Why it is my favourite season…

The birds are chirping, the flowers start blooming, it seems that the start of Spring is where nature becomes alive again after a few months rest during the cold months.

I am really looking forward to this Spring, especially now that Hector is a little bit older and he can really enjoy the beauty of Spring, and all that it has to offer.

The things I am most looking forward to:

Dancing in the daffodils: Hector and I went for a walk the other day and he was fascinated by the brightness and colour of these beautiful flowers that have popped up everywhere.

Easter Egg Hunt: Of course, now that Spring is here, it means we can go out and enjoy Easter activities, from Easter Egg hunts, egg painting etc.

A Trip to the Farm: I love lambing season, I can’t wait to take Hector to the farm and show him all the baby animals.

Bluebell walks: As well as Daffodils, I cannot wait to walk through the woods to discover the bluebells. Not only will we be able to get some lovely photographs, but it feels like a magical experience too.

The longer days: Although bedtime can be a little more challenging (“it’s not bed time because it’s still light outside”), the longer days mean we can enjoy outside activities for longer. We can even have a picnic tea in the park! (But perhaps we should take our coats, just in case!)

What are your favourite things about Spring? x

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