A Mother’s Worry: Why we deserve a day for us…

Whether you are an expectant Mother, a new Mother, or a more experienced Mother, you have a job more valuable than anything else in the world. You grow and raise another Human, and with that can come a lot of worries.

A Mother’s worry is something that starts from the second you find out that you are pregnant: Is the baby growing properly? Is the baby kicking enough? Is the baby healthy?

To birth: Is the baby going to be OK during labour? Am I going to be OK during labour?

To Newborn: Are they feeding enough? Why are they crying? Are they sleeping too much? Can they hear ok?

As they grow, you keep a constant eye on them to make sure they are not sticking their fingers in sockets or eating things they shouldn’t be eating.

This worry moves to school years: Are they making friends? Are they learning at the average rate?

And that is before we even move on to the teenage years: Who are their friends? What are they doing in their spare time? Are they studying enough?

A mother’s life is full of worry, and that is why, on this one day of the year, we should sit back, and let others worry about us. We deserve it.

Happy Mothers Day Mommas x