Painless Birth

img_8705xYes! It can happen!
Giving birth – you can’t help thinking about how is it going to be or feel like specially if you are expecting your first baby. I will admit –  I was reading lots of articles about birth experiences and seeing lots of pictures of women giving birth looking like they’ve just eaten a  whole red chilly on its own. Most women were describing the pain as the worst pain ever. Somehow it did not worry me. I thought to myself that this is going to be the most amazing journey of my life to the most beautiful destination – having a FAMILY. I could not imagine something so beautiful to be associated with pain or worry.
I was physically and mentally ready. I was looking forward to it and I wanted to know the feeling of giving birth naturally without any sedatives. My body knew what and when needed to be done. At that very moment, everything felt like a blur but I was not in pain. I was calm and content and I let nature lead the way.  It was an overwhelming experience and I only remember seeing an outline of my baby when he was born, I didn’t get to hold him straight away as he needed some help to start breathing on his own. 
The greatest happiness filled my body when my baby and I were united in the outside world.
Your body will respond to your thoughts – stay positive, be confident and believe in yourself!
Share your experience!

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